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What makes us unique from all other life forms on this planet?  Could one thing be that we are willing to share knowledge?  Below, I share some knowledge I have learned the hard way in hopes it might save you time, energy and money.

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"Aftermarket Catalytic Converter - A Warning"

"Check Engine Light"

"Check Engine Light - Detailed"


"BMW - Scan Tools"

"BMW - Brake, DSC and ABS Lights Are On"

"BMW - Brake Pad Wear Light"

"BMW - Wheel Speed and Brake Pad Wear Sensor Connectors"

"BMW - Oil Change Frequency"

"BMW - Positive Battery Terminal T-Post Broken"

"BMW - Researching Parts OnLine"

"BMW - Wiring Harness Repairs and Connectors"


"BMW X5 - All Things Related"

"BMW Z3 - All Things Related"


"Car Ignition Key Will Not Turn"

"Vespa ET-4 - All Things Related"



"3 in 1 Computer Cable - Recommendation"

"APC RS 900 Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) - All Things Related"

"APC Smart-UPS 1500 - Battery Replacement"

"Dead Desktop Hard Drive - Possible Fix"

"Dell Speedstep 250N Laptop - How to Fix Random Shut Downs"

"D-link DWL-G820 Gaming/Bridge Adapter - Setup Help"      

"D-link 5 Port Ethernet Switch Not Working"   

"Epson Workforce 520 - Smudges on Paper"           

"Gateway 510S - No Recovery Disk"                                                          

"Help with Home Networking"

"How to: Assemble a Desktop From Components"

"How to: Fix HP Photosmart 7350 Carriage Stuck"

"How to: Fix NVIDIA GeForce 6200 System Freezes"

"How to: Fix Vista Download Error 800F081F"

"How to: Get Inside a Dell Studio 1737 Notebook"

How to: Get Inside a Gateway Flexatstc BRO Essential 933C   

"How to: Get Rid of Archived and Java-Based Viruses"

"How to: Install Windows XP on HP's dv9000t"

"How to: Install Windows XP on a Virgin Hard Drive"

"How to: Locate and Determine What Type of Hard Drive is Installed in a Laptop"

"How to: Replace the Left Hinge and LCD Back Cover on a HP DV9000 Laptop"

"How to: Replace a Laptop Hard Drive"

"How to: Clone a Laptop Hard Drive (PATA)"

"How to: Clone a Laptop Hard Drive (SATA)"

"How to: Install a Wi-Fi Grid Antenna"

"How to: Organize Microsoft Windows Start Menu"

"How to: Edit or Remove Metadata from an Image or Video File"

"How to: Scan a Document and Get It Into Adobe PDF Format.

"How to: Select a PC Power Supply (Watts)"

"How to: Setup a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (Raid)"

"HP ASUS Falcon 2 PVR-416 A.K.A Conexant Falcon II"

"HP DC7900 CMT - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A User Review."

"HP DV1000 - All Things Related"

"HP Pavilion N5000 Laptop Series - Disassembly" 

"HP Pavilion N5190 Laptop - Password Locked BIOS"

"HP Pavilion N5000  - Technician Manual Zip"

"HP zd7000 - How to Solve Overheating Related Shutdowns"

"HP Laptop Power Adapter - Inside"

"iPad Will Not Connect to Access Point or Router"

"LG Flatron LCD - Dead - DIY Repair"

"LCD has a Pink Tinge"

"Mouse - My Favorite"

"Non-Manufacturer Laptop Batteries - User Review"

"PC Battery Backup (UPS) - All Things Related"

"Personal Computer (PC) Hangs During Boot"

"Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop Shutting Down Randomly"

"Personal Computer (PC) Randomly Freezes"

"Printer or FAX will not Pull In Paper"

"PC - BYO & DIY Improved Cooling Tips"

"Radeon HD4650 AGP - Blue Screen of Death"

"Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID): Setup Preparation"

"Router - Problems and Solutions"

"iTunes - Track Numbers Instead of File Names or Incorrect or Incomplete File Name"     

"SATA Drive Will Not Boot"

"Samsung NP-N145+ - All Things Related"

"Toshiba Laptop A505 - All Things Related"

"TVR PCI TV Tuner Card"

"Updating Personal Computer (PC) Firmware and Software"

"VFP5.0a - Built Application Setup Can Not Open a File"

"Windows Reports Less Memory than Installed"

"XP. Must Activate Windows Before You can Log-on"

"ZoneAlarm - Setup Help"



"Amana RadarRange RBG358P: Suddenly Dead"

"Amana SZD20MPE Refrigerator - All Things Related"

"Asphalt Driveway - All Things Related"

"Attic Vent Fan Motor - Do It Yourself (DIY) Replacement"

"Baldwin Entry Door Lock (Springfield 6573) - How to Remove"

"Bernina 180 Sewing Machine - Stitch Selection"    

"Buying a Home with Large Trees in the Yard"  

"Buying a Home with a Security System"

"Cable TV (CATV) House Wiring - All Things Related"

"Clothes Washer Hose  - Replacement"

"Electronic Air Cleaners - Get Replaceable Filter Grills Installed"

"Electrostatic Air Cleaner (Trion, Inc): Dead"

"Electrostatic Air Cleaner (Trion, Inc): Broken Ionizing Wire"

"Getting Your Really Dirty Hands Clean"

"Heatrim American Hydronic Perimeter Baseboard Model R - Repairing\Reinstalling"

"Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) - All Things Related"

"Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) - Zoned Forced Air - All Things Related"

"Home Electrical Wiring - All Things Related"

"Home Elevator"

"Home Exterior Painting - Latex - My Experiences"

"Home Telephone Wiring - All Things Related"

"How to - Clean Clothes Dryer Vent Pipe"

"How to - Drill a Screw Hole in Thin Sheet Metal"   

"How to - Floor an Attic" 

"How to - Get High Quality Home Security Audio and Video Over the Internet"

"How to - Get Remote Control Buttons to Work Again"                            

"How to - Get Stuck Wooden Windows Open"

"How to - Install an Under-the-Counter Oven"

"How to - Make a Mini Refrigerator Have Automatic Defrost"

"How to - Repair a Lang 909 Series Circulator Pump"

"How to - Repair Maytag LDE6914ACL Electric Dryer"

"How to - Replace Attic Vent Fan Motor"

"How to - Replace a Refrigerator Ice Maker"

"How to - Replace Dryer Drum Belt in GE DSXH47EGOWW"

"How to - Select Cordless Power Tools"

"How to - Solder Copper Pipe"     

"How to - Solder Electrical Wires"

"How to - Use a Magic Jack to Monitor a Home"

"Hydronic Heating System - All Things Related"

"JBL L7: Inside"

"Jenn-air Electric Oven, Natural Gas Burners, Spark Unit Replacement"

"Lutron Maestro Motion Sensing Switch in 3-Way - Additional Install Tips"

"Marble Flooring in the Bathroom? Don't"

"Maytag CWE900 Wall Oven - All Things Related"    

"Marvin Wood Windows and Doors - All Things Related"

"Maytag Neptune Electric Clothes Dryer - Shuts off Prematurely"

"Maytag Neptune Washer - Water Discharge Pump Repair"

"Mini Refrigerator - Drip Pan Replacement"

"Money - All Things Related"

"Power Adapters - Use the Correct One"

"Propane Torch - User Recommendation"

"Over-the-Air (OTA) Digital Television Distribution System"

"Quibids - User Review"

"Residential Elevator Brand Home Elevator - Call Buttons Clicking Rapidly"

"Rheem Gas Water Heater Leaking At Bottom - Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Fix"

"Roof Gutters - All Things Related"

"Security System - AT&T - All Things Related"

"Security System - DSC - All Things Related"

"Slingbox - All Things Related"

"Slot Machines - How to Win Jackpots"

"Small 12Volt Battery(s) Dead? - How to Load Test"

"Thinking of Stacking a Laundry Dryer on Top of a Laundry Washer - A Warning"

"Tivo - All Things Related"

"Toilet - All Things Related"

"Toy or Other Not Working After Battery Change"

"Voice Over IP?"

"Water Fountains, Falls: Electric Pump Driven"

"Wireless Headphones - Extended Use Modification" 

"Working with Wood: Basics 101"   

"Yamaha MG 14/14FX Sound Board Template"

"Zoned Forced Air Heating and Cooling - All Things Related"


Products or Services Reviews:


"AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries - Owner Review" 

"AGRI-FAB 45-0369 Turf Shark Aerator - Owner Review"

"Apple Nano, 6th Generation - User Review"

"Arctic Accelero L2 Pro Video Graphics Array (VGA) Cooler - User Review"

"ATI Video Products - User Review"                                                                                                  

"Behr Ceiling Paint, Flat, White - User Review" 

"Black and Decker Cordless Weed Hog String Trimmer - Owner Review" 

"Buying Fine Jewelry - Beware"

"Chuckless Drills - Owner Review"

"ClassCo ML-300ad Caller ID Display - Owner Review" 

"Craig Model CS1203 Weather Station - User Review"

"Dental Implants - My Experiences"

"Drywell - User Review"

"Yaesu FT1000 - User Manual PDF"

"Gentlemen's (i.e. Strip) Club -  Primer"  

"Great Planes R/C G3.5 Flight Simulation Software - User Review"  

"Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 - User Review"

"Hawking Technology (HAI7SIP) Hi-Gain 7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna - User Review" 

"Hawking Technology (HMPS2U) Multifunction USB Device Server - User Review"

"Hawking Technology (HSB2) 802.11 b/g WiFi Signal Booster - User Review"      

Heatrim American Hydronic Perimeter Baseboard Model R - Home Owner Review and Repairing\Reinstalling

"HP Pavilion a450n - Owner Review"

"Information Unlimited's Model SNP40 Phone Snooper - User Review"

"insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser, Model SST - Owner Review"

"IOGear 4-in-1 PC Switch - User Review"

"Jock Itch - A Treatment That Worked for Me"     

"La-Z-Boy Recliner - User Review"

"Linksys Wireless-G Expander, Model WRE54G - User Review"

"Linksys WVC54GC Internet Video Camera - User Review"

"Luviton Decora Light Dimmers - User Review"

"Multiple Million Power Flashlights - User Review"

"Net Detective - User Review"   

"Paint Removal Heat Gun - User Review"

"Permanent Dentures - My Experiences"

"Pre-Lit Christmas Trees - Owner Review"   

"Poulan PLN1510 Electric Pole Saw - User Review"

"Radio Shack HDX1000 Amplified HDTV Antenna - User Review"

"Rolex - Owner Review"  

"Ryobi Finishing Sander - User Review"

"Seagate Personal Computer (PC) Hard Drives - User Review"

"Sink Soap Dispenser - User Review"

"Skylights - Owner Review"

"Skylink Model AD-433S Autodialer - User Review"

" - User Review"  

"Troy Bilt 3-in-1 Chipper, Shedder, Vacuum (Vac) - Owner Review      

"Wagner QuickTouch Power Roller Pro - Owner Review"


Yard or Lawn:


"4 Cycle Engine Surging or Hunting"          

"Lawn Tractor Battery Upgrade"

"How to - Plant a Post in a Post Hole"

"How to - Replace Small Tubeless Tires"

"How to - Reinforce Drain Pipe"

"How to - Select a Gasoline Leaf Blower"

"How to - Select a Power Washer"

"John Deere (Agri-Fab) 130 Pound Tow Behind Spreader - Stir Rod Not Turning"

"Rubber Tire Mulch - User Review"

"Sears DYS4500 Lawn Tractor and 3 Bag Grass Catcher - All Things Related"

"Small Gasoline Engine Fuel Cutoff Switch"

"Small Gasoline Engine Primer Bulb"  

"Troy-Bilt 3000PSI Power Washer - Suggested Modifications"  




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