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"APC Smart-UPS 1500 - Battery Replacement"

17 February 2014


Summary: there is nothing magical about the APC battery pack. You can replace one for both batteries of an APC battery pack with non-APC batteries. And Smart-UPS 1500 supports hot-swap of batteries so need to shut entire UPS down to do battery work.



APC Smart-UPS 1500.

Bought used in 2008.

When green light emitting diodes (LED) start flashing or "Replace Battery" LED lights or unit will not pass self-test, time to replace one or both batteries.

A new battery pack from APC is $180 (RBC7).

Note: any work on battery pack needs to be outside the UPS and unplugged from the UPS.


APC RBC7 battery pack

A battery pack lasts about 3-4 years.

The first time I needed a new battery pack, I bought from APC.

A new battery pack from APC comes ready to plug in.


Buy third party battery(s):

Recently got flashing green LED's on charge, indicating battery problem.

Ran self test and "one or more batteries needs replacement".

This time removed battery pack, separated batteries and tested each.

Note, APC battery pack is nothing more than 2 separate, "standard" size batteries, taped together with electrical links between them making their output to the UPS, 24 volts direct current (VDC).

One battery definitely not taking charge correctly.

Bought from eBay, new 12 volt direct current (VDC), 22 amp hour, battery. $40 to include shipping.

Note: did not buy cheapest battery that could be used in APC UPS. Not fond of 3rd party batteries but seller has good reputation. Also do not like batteries from "Battery Mart" or similar.

Hooked new battery to old APC, good, battery, taped together and back into UPS.

Appeared ok but week later, green flashing LED's again.

Replaced old APC battery and all is fine now.

Do suggest you do a runtime calibration test. Of course you do this via APC Powerchute software.



There is no "chip" or other in the APC battery pack meaning the UPS does not know what sort of batteries or battery pack is installed.

By using large amp hour batteries, I have extended, "on battery" runtime of my APC UPS.

The APC Smart-UPS is touchy about its batteries. The "bad" ones still seemed to respond well to load and charging outside the APC. I have found this the case on other APC UPS models as well.

From now one, although APC UPS says "one battery" could be bad, I am going to replace both at the same time and reduce the hassle of pulling battery pack out, replacing and then having to do it over again.


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