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"Hawking Technology (HMPS2U) Multifunction USB Device and Print Server - User Review"

14 April 2013


Summary: this creates virtual USB connections, which requires a user to "connect" to the device and then disconnect if a USB device is to be shared by multiple user.  I think too cumbersome to use.




Wireless network.

2 personal computers (PC's) nd universal serial bus (USB) printer.

Had a D-Link printer server but it died. D-link allowed USB connection to printer and also an Ethernet connection for attachment of a PC.

Looked around for vanilla printer server but none to be had locally (for sale on Internet).

Bought the Hawking HMPS2U "print" server because it had 4 USB ports and 1 Ethernet port.

Desire was to attach printer and also a PC.



Came with limited install manual but able to get connection to Verizon modem, wireless router, without too much difficulty.

Found out that Ethernet port is for direct connection of "print" server to router. Does not support an attached PC.

Got one personal computer (PC) working with USB printer but second printer would not connect to printer.

Printed out extensive manual off install disk.

Printer does not show up when adding new printer via Windows.

Found out that must install Hawking software on every PC that wants to use a USB device attached to Hawking.

Found out that if a PC wants to use a Hawking connected device, must connect to it and when finished, disconnect or all other users on the network will not have access to the "shared" device.

Having to connect and disconnect for a printer is totally unacceptable.

Too easy for a user to forget to disconnect and thus make printer unavailable to other users on the network.



If you have only one PC wireless and printer can not be co-located with PC allowing for direction connection, then the Hawking should work for you BUT remember any additional PC or laptop will not have access unless you install Hawking software and connect and disconnect via Hawking.

If you need a printer server, this is just to cumbersome to be useful.



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