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"Craig Model CS1203 Weather Station - User Review"

20 April 2012


Summary: junk. Will not stay on sensor "channel" and batteries die in 3 months or less. Do not buy.



Craig Model CS1203 Weather Station at CVS on sale for $12.

Both outside and inside units are battery powered.

Both units use minimum batteries, i.e. not a 9volt battery.

The outdoor sensor battery change requires dismounting of unit from wall and then screw open of battery compartment.

The indoor unit has no way to attach a power adapter.

Outdoor sensor must be set to either channel 1,2 or 3.

Corresponding indoor weather information display must be set to sensor defined channel.

Outdoor sensor installed no more than 10 feet from indoor weather information display.

I guess to save battery, the outdoor sensor only reads and transmits information every 30 seconds or longer.



The model CS1203 indoor display changed channel for no reason at all thus not displaying outside temperature unless channel manually changed on unit..

Outdoor sensor batteries died after only 2 months or so.

Indoor display has no power adapter connector and batteries dead after 3 months.

Did try to contact Craig via email about channel change problem but never got a response.



Piece of junk.

Should have known better to think $12 unit really going to work.

Like many products these days, a weather station in appearance only.

Do not buy.


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