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"Bernina 180 Sewing Machine - Stitch Selection"



31 December 2006






The following are instructions on selecting stitches on a Bernina 180 sewing machine. As I do not think the Bernina 180 switches or buttons are all that easy to identify, I used a label maker to make labels I placed near the applicable switch or button and suggest you do the same.




Turn on sewing machine.


There is no need to disconnect embroidery cable from machine, just lift embroidery module out of your way.


There is no need to have any attached computer “on” or disconnect cable between computer and sewing machine.


There are 3 purple buttons and 1 white button on the sewing machine related to stitches: 1 button each for regular or practical (REG), decorative (DEC) and letter (Letters) stitches and one button labelled “Portfolio Memory”.


If you want regular stitches, press the purple stitch button on body of sewing machine labeled REG and then, using the stylus, press desired stitch when it is on the sewing machine screen. You can press up\down arrow buttons to move up and down through stitches available.


Note. You can also use the stylus to press 0-9 on screen and then enter the number of a stitch and machine will take you there. This is faster if you know number of stitch. (If you are using the 180 as an embroidery machine, you probably have a computer attached to it and Artista 4 or 5 installed, as well as a program called Portfolio. I suggest you use Portfolio to print out all stitches available to you and their associated stitch number, so you can easily select a stitch and enter its number into the touch screen.)


If you want decorative stitches, press the purple stitch button on the body of the sewing machine labelled “DEC” and then using the stylus, press the area on the sewing machine screen holding the desired stitch collection. Once the stitch collection is present on the screen, select desired by pressing stylus against image.


Note. You can also use stylus to press 0-9 on screen and then enter the number of a stitch and machine will take you there. This is faster if you know number of stitch (See stitches and their associated numbers in this section). Also note that once you have a regular or decorative stitch selection on the sewing machine screen, you can use the 0-9 stitch entry to move anywhere in the regular or decorative stitches offered.

If you want letter stitches, such as a monogram, press the “Letters” button on the sewing machine body. On the screen will now be shown several different type alphabets. Using your stylus, tap on the selected letter style and up will come the full alphabet for the style selected. At this point you can select any one letter, number or other by simply tapping the desired with the stylus. You can not stitch out single letter if desired.


More likely is that you want to create a name or label or an actual word as opposed to a single letter and you do this by first getting to the style of alphabet you want and then pressing the “Portfolio Memory” button on the sewing machine body. Now the sewing machine screen will change and you will have an area near the botton where, when you press a letter with the stylus, it will appear there and allow you to add more letters. You can have letters of various sizes by using the size button on the far right (Hold Help button and tap on buttons at bottom to see what they do and how you use them.) Once you have what you want, such as Stultz or some other name or order, you can stitch it out. You can also save it in Portfolio memory so you do not have to create it again. Storing it in memory also will allow you to edit later if you wish.


To store your created monogram, click on the store button at the bottom and when the 15 memory slot screen appears, tap on the first empty slot of memory.


Later if you want to sew out this same monogram, you simply press the Portfolio Memory button on the sewing machine body and select the memory cell you want.


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