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"Non-Manufacturer Laptop Batteries - User Review"

3 December 2009


Summary: my experience with third party laptop batteries has not been good. Do not recommend you buy them.




Probably have owned or repaired 20+ laptops and 95% had dead batteries when I got them.

Do understand that original, manufacturer, laptop battery only has a life of about 2 - 3 years. Just a fact of life.

Laptop manufacturer batteries cost $100+.

Non-manufacturer batteries from Internet sources to include eBay cost $30 - $50. All are Chinese made.


Do Not Recommend Non-Manufacturer Batteries

When I have needed a laptop battery, I have always used third party because of cost BUT either I received the battery dead-on-arrival (DOA) or it died after several months!

Bottom line: no more third party batteries for me. Cheap is not cheap if the lifetime of the battery is not close to that of the manufacturer's offering.


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