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Jock Itch – A Treatment that Worked for Me.


5 June 2007

Updated: 27 March 2009
Updated 27 January 2010







Not sure why it is called “Jock Itch” as I have never experienced anything itchy about it but have experienced an extremely painful weeping of the skin, right between my legs.


For years, I would get this rash\weeping, hurt, and fight it with antibacterial soap and eventually it would go away but I kept getting it. Finally, on a regular visit to the doctor, I had him look at my irritation and he told me it was “Jock Itch.” Heard of Jock Itch but never knew what the symptoms were.


Ok, prescription cream for 2 weeks, over-the-counter creams and all seemed to work or worked for a while, but as soon as I stopped using the cream, the irritation returned.


Finally, several months ago, disparate to get lasting relief, I picked up new soap and also a can of Lotrim AF spray. Now I am not a big fan of sprays of any kind but as I have tried creams without much success, thought, why not?


Well, could be the soap change or could be the spray, but no more irritation (hate “Jock Itch” as a description). I think it is the spray as between my legs is now dry most of the time and I think it was the sweat that resulted in the fungus growth.


So, if you have suffered and continue to suffer, get one of the sprays a shot.


Update:  27 March 2009  Spray not a "cure". Bummer. Have to keep using it all the time to keep the rot away. Have asked doctor why I keep getting it but no answer. Some people prone and some not. Getting old sucks.


Update: 27 January 2010  Have a blood sugar problem. Blood sugar too high most of the time, so couple of months ago invested in blood sugar testing kit with meter. Well guess what? If I keep my blood sugar close to the normal range, no more jock itch. I wonder, could it be that sweat actually has some sugar in it and that is feeding the fungus????



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