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Lawnmower Battery Upgrade


12 September 2005



Summary: replace, stock, small, limited life, battery with a car battery. Might have to jig up a shelf on tractor to support battery and extend battery cables but no more small battery replacement!





Lawn tractor: 20+ horsepower, twin cylinder.


Battery: small with limited cranking amps.


Battery: sitting in small hole under seat.


Battery cables: small gauge and not heavy enough for size of engine.


Problems: (1) hardly enough battery amps to turn over engine when cold and

               (2) battery life only 2 years or so and

               (3) hole under seat would not hold a larger battery.



My solution:



Bought a full size car battery.


Bought heavy gauge black and red battery wires.


Took scrap metal and made shelf to support battery on front end of tractor.


Took off stock battery cables and replaced with longer, heavier amp, cables.


Mounted new car battery on front of my lawn tractor, connected battery cables.




Yes, but you say, you do not have a cover on engine and you are right. Cover is cosmetic and only serves to keep heat trapped around engine.


Perhaps battery in front will not work for you but must be some way to mount car battery on your tractor chassis.


Finally, you can extend the life of your small tractor battery by buying what is known as a battery tender. You remove the battery from the tractor during the winter months and connect it to the battery tender. Acid filled batteries do not like to sit for long periods of time without a charge now and again.



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