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"Permanent Dentures - My Experiences"

2 March 2015


Summary: very expensive; must use power flosser, tooth brush and mouth wash every night.



At 65 years old, upper teeth started to simply break out.

When most natural upper teeth gone decided to do permanent upper denture.  Note here that I did not ask and no one told me permanent dentures would be so expensive.

When I did permanent upper denture, had to have implants put in first, let them heal and then get fitted for denture.

Implants in my area cost about $5000 each.

Had to have at least 2 implants to support pending denture.

Denture required was $18,000.

As never had removable dentures, can not really define differences between removable and permanent.



(1) Nervous habit, I am sure, but have rubbed blister on tip of tongue moving it along back edge of permanent denture. Perhaps this is common for those that had braces when they were children.

(2) For some reason, have to be careful when chewing or will bite tongue or side of check.

(3) Difficult to keep "clean". Unlike removable, were you can drop into a glass and add a cleaner, permanent have to be cleaned in your mouth and the only method I have found that works and that is only sort of, is: power water floss every night; brush all teeth with toothpaste and then finish up with strong mouth wash.


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