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Net Detective - User Review


15 February 2007

Updated 4 April 2010



Summary: save your money.





I really knew better but……


Had a friend who was curious about an acquaintance and I told her I would use my superpowers of Internet searching to come up with some information. Well, try as I might, I could find little to nothing about this man-type person, friend, she wanted to know about.


So, after having seen various news shows where they say that there are many services on the web, which for a fee, can find out just about everything about a person, I thought I would give one a try, but which one?  Did a little research and perhaps that is part of my problem but came across good words about Net Detective and so placed my money down and got access to their services.


Well, what a joke. All the basic Net Detective service did was to define some possible sources a user could try to search, but for some more money, Net Detectivewould do some more searching for me. What? Provide me with the name of some sources for me to search? I had already done that and was looking for “Net Detective” to have some magic although, as I said to begin with, I really knew better.


So, if you want to find out about someone, I suggest you do your own searching and don’t waste your money on one of the search services like Net Detective.


Which brings me to the point, question and answer, of what exactly is on-line as a possible source of information? Well it depends on cities, states, and Federal government agencies. From the comfort of my easy chair here, I can check a list of sexual predators in my city, I can look up the real estate records for any address in the city and get owner information, tax assessment, number of bedrooms, etc. but marriage information? Nope, or not so far as I can tell. Felony convictions? Nope or not as far as I can tell and DMV records are available but only your records are available to you.


So what can Net Detectiveand other services really do for you? Not much or so it appears to me and all that stuff about someone looking up all this information about you, well another news media scare story.


Updated: 4 April 2010


I know things, people, services change and many actually improve. Well, I just checked and "Net Detective" has not improved when I tried it almost 3 years ago. Do your own research and do not waste your money on this "service."