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Printer or Fax Will Not Pull In Paper


16 August 2006

Updated: 29 August 2007 

Summary: try Rubber Renew on rubber rollers.




If the roller(s) of your printer or FAX are moving, turning, but the device will not pull in paper, you should buy a bottle of Rubber Renew and use it to clean your rollers. After an extended period of time, rubber rollers will get coated with ink or actually loose their semi-rough texture and thus will not “grab” the paper.


I bought my Rubber Renew at Staples, I think, but no matter, I know it is available on the net or else where. Buy a bottle and using a cloth or paper towel, apply it to your rollers until there is no trace of ink on whatever you are using to clean with.


I have used Rubber Renew on several bulky printers and a FAX machine and in each time, Rubber Renew did the job.


Finally, I do not own the patent on Rubber Renew or sell it and I am not saying it will cure every printer or FAX paper-handling problem but it is a decent product that does help in certain situations.




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