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"Mouse - My Favorite"

20 March 2009




Just can not stand pushing a mouse around a mouse pad (always going off the pad and has to be repositioned).

Just can not deal with touch pads on laptops.


I like the Logitech Marble Mouse.

Tried trackballs where ball on side and operated by thumb but my thumb not as precise in movement as my index finger.

Thumb good for tapping left mouse button on side of Logitech Marble Mouse.

Optical mouse.

Cleans easily as red ball lifts out and simply wipe away dirt around 3 ball rub points

Not sure if these manufactured anymore. I continue to buy off eBay and give away to friends and family and not a one has ever stopped using it once they connected it up.

Works either as USB or PS2.

Driver is available from Logitech but I have never needed it. Plug and Play.



And to be clear, I do not sell these, just recommend them.


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