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"Paint Removal Heat Gun - User Review"

1 September 2009


Summary: Not worth buying as too much work to use.




In process of fixing wood rot and bad paint job on fairly large section of my home. On about half of section being repaired, paint simply popped or stripped off easily with razor blade based paint stripper but in another section, paint would not strip. So decided to get an electric paint stripper and got a good one with a 1000 degree Fahrenheit (F) setting, a putty knife and several paint strip attachments.

Began using electric heat gun and after only a few minutes of working with putty knife, remembered I had tried to use a heat gun almost 30 years ago with very  limited success. Well guess what, same results this time. At 1000 degrees (F) and using putty knife, paint will strip off, sort of, but very slow going. So gave up and just got out my belt sander and 80 grit sandpaper.

Perhaps, if you have only a very small area to strip or the paint you want to remove is on metal, a heat gun will work for you but if the paint you want to remove is not coming off easily with any form of paint stripper, do not expect a heat gun to be any sort of paint removal solution.



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