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"HP ASUS Falcon 2 PVR-416 AKA Conexant Falcon II"

24 November 2009


Summary: board will capture video under XP but unless you have a Windows Media Center installed, tuner portion will not function.



Bought this TV/FM tuner/video capture board off eBay. No software included but link provided to driver on Hewlett Packard (HP) website. My intention was to have TV tuner (watch live TV) and video capture on one of my Windows XP Professional systems.


After I received the eBay card and installed it, I download and installed the driver located on the HP website and this did let my WinXP system see the video capture hardware and I could use the hardware under Windows Movie Maker to capture either input video or video from the tuner portion of the card BUT after hours and hours of searching, I have not been able to come up with a standalone TV tuner application that will work under WinXP.

This board was installed in HP systems that hosted Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) and the TV tuner application was a part of the OS (MY TV). This board was not sold either through retail or O.E.M channels to be installed in non-MCE computers and thus no standalone TV tuner application exists for it.

I did try various open-source TV tuner applications but could not get any to work properly with this board.

So, if you only need video/TV tuner capture on your WinXP system this board will work but it will not provide you with a Live TV viewing function.



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