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3 in 1 Computer Cable - A Recommendation


14 September 2005



Summary: if you have multiple desktop personal computers (PC's) and want to control all with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse, a KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch will do the job.







Have 3 desktop personal computers (PC) in my home office.


All PC's are on my home local area network (LAN).


One of desktops is my main computer and the other 2 PC's serve as Tivo movie servers and file backup systems.


Wanted to be able to control all desktops from a single monitor, keyboard and mouse.



4-in-1 KVM switch:


Available from both Internet sources and computer store retailers, a 4-in-1 KVM switch allows up to 4 PC's to be controlled by a single monitor, keyboard and mouse.


4-in-1 KVM configuration.



Switching between PC's is via a keyboard keystroke sequence.


A KVM switch does not require a driver be installed.


In addition to 4-in-1 switches there are also 2-in-1 and as many as 16-in-1 switches.


Some switches come with PC attach cables hardwired to the switch while others require cable be bought separately.


Some switches support only VGA video connections while others support DVI connectors.


After reviewing product offerings, I went with IOGear's 4-in-1 KVM switch.


IOGear 4-in-1 KVM Switch.



As seen in the image provided, the IOGear 4-in-1 KVM switch has hardwired cables, each 6 feet long.


In addition to keyboard, video and mouse, the IOGear 4-in-1 KVM switch allows audio to be sent from any of the 4 attached computers to any computer you desire.



Other configurations:


Over time, I have modified my multiple PC configuration.


I now have 3 separate monitors (2 set to all news TV channels via an installed TV tuner board).


2 PC's have mice. Makes it easier to be able to control 2 PC's at the same time.






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