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Behr Ceiling Paint - User Review


22 May 2006


Summary: have tried Behr several times now and not happy with this paint at all.





On TV, commercial says Behr is best paint as judged by independent group and as available to me about 1\4 mile away, why not?


Had hallway ceiling to paint and so bought Behr ceiling paint in flat, white. Shook can, stirred paint well, used good rollers and even applied 2 full gallons, but no matter what I did, ceiling was “blotchy.” If you looked at the ceiling straight up, it looked fine and certainly was white but unfortunately this ceiling is a hallway that you can see going up and down a set of stairs and as you climbed the stairs, the ceiling, even after 2 gallons of paint looked terrible.


Perhaps it is something I did, perhaps not. Just know after buying a third gallon, I thought the better of it and although I did not want to, I bought 2 gallons of Glidden interior semi-gloss white paint and proceeded to repaint the whole ceiling again. Although not perfect, like I would like it, the ceiling looks much, much better than when it was painted with the Behr ceiling paint. Perhaps it is the semi-gloss, perhaps the paint. Know I did not do anything differently in applying the Glidden.


So, I guess this is a warning and nothing more. Perhaps Behr makes great paints but I just know I had trouble with their flat white ceiling paint.