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Troy-Bilt 3000PSI Power Washer - Suggested Modifications


12 September 2005





In 2003, I bought a Troy-Bilt 3000PSI power washer and immediately had a problem with it. Where the water hose connects to the pump is directly underneath the high-pressure power wand connection and because the 2 connections are only about 2 inches apart, it is near impossible to get your water hose connected to the pump or connection so it would not leak water. Interestingly enough, I contacted Troy-Bilt about this problem and was politely told that I should contact the pump manufacturer!


So, here is a suggested modification to the Troy-Bilt 3000PSI power washer (may also apply to other power washers).


-         I went to Home Depot and bought 2 lengths of short hose extensions. Not sure what their intended applications are supposed to be but worked fine for me. I also bought a hose quick disconnect unit which consists of a plastic male and female part.


-         I then wrapped the threads of the first hose extension with Teflon tape and threaded it into the pump mounted on the Troy-Bilt. To be sure it was tight, I used a pipe wrench to tighten the extension into the pump.


-         I then wrapped the threads of the second hose extension with Teflon tape and connected it to the first hose extension and again used a pipe wrench to tight the connection.


-         Finally, I connected the male portion of the hose quick disconnect set to the second hose extension and tightened it.


Now, when I want to use the power washer, I simply install the female quick disconnect unit on the water hose and push it onto the male quick disconnect mounted on the power washer and I am off power washing and no water supply line leaks anywhere.




Do not understand why Troy-Bilt could not see that the water supply line hose connection was a problem, would always be a problem and did not extend out the connection like I did. 


Finally, the trigger assembly that came with my Toy-Bilt washer is\was a total piece of junk. I believe it had an A9 stamped on the side of it. From the very beginning, it would leak water everywhere. I opened it up several times and replaced washer, etc and it would hold for a while but eventually I replaced it with a DeWalt DP60 trigger assembly. Funny thing is that the DP60 does not have the right sex connection to simply thread on the high pressure water hose! So beside the DP60, I had to find and buy 3\8" X 1\2" "flare to mip half" union. When I installed the half union, I used Teflon tape on the 3\8 inch threads inserted into the DP60 and then on the 1\2" threads to which I wrench tightened the high pressure hose.


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