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"Propane Torch - User Recommendation"

13 November 2012


Summary: a propane torch is not needed often but when it is, undoubtedly you will need to turn the torch upside down and when you do this the propane will flame out. Do yourself a favor and buy the more expensive kit that include a 5 foot hose from the cylinder to the torch.



A propane torch is needed to solder cooper pipes.

A propane torch is needed to do other jobs like melt driveway crack sealer.

A propane cylinder holds liquid propane and when the cylinder is tipped upside down, the torch will flame out and you will have to keep relighting the torch.



Bernzomatic, the major supplier of propane torch parts sells a kit that includes a propane bottle stand, a 5 foot hose and a torch head.

With a stand for the propane bottle, you can use the torch head in any position to include directly down.

The Bernzomatic kit costs more than a simply torch and propane cylinder but more than worth it.