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"Linksys WVC54GC Internet Video Camera - User Review"

27 January 2010



Summary: Works but video image quality is so poor, not sure where you could use it effectively.



Did not buy a Linksys WVC54GC Internet video camera but got one via my daughter and thought I might be able to use it to monitor security conditions in my home.

Of course, had no instructions how to install but easily downloaded off Linksys website. Attach camera via an Ethernet cable to either a personal computer (PC), router or an Ethernet switch and insert installation CD into PC. With insert of install disk, got a simple configuration menu and as I have D-link Ethernet equipment, first thing I had to do was change the default IP address of the camera to 192.168.1. something. I picked and fixed the camera at that address. I also changed the SSID from default to the SSID of my wireless router and a few other minor changes. Then went to install monitoring utility but Windows XP would not let me download from Linksys site because of expired security certificate. Now I have run into an expired certificate before so just went back to Linksys website and downloaded monitor utility to my hard disk to install from there.

No problem installing monitor utility and once I executed it, the camera utility searched for Internet cams and found my Ethernet attached Linksys. I enabled the camera and mouse dragged it to one of the several camera windows in the utility and sure enough, there was cam video. But it was dark and small and poor resolution. What? Went back into software setup and moved resolution to maximum and adjusted from automatic brightness to full on manual. But when I viewed camera in utility, still crappy quality video.

Upon examination of the camera, it really does have a very small video sensor installed in it. About what is installed in a cheap cell phone and if you have ever taken a cell phone picture or even video, you know what quality you get. No so good. According to Linksys, maximum resolution on this camera is 640 X 480.

So, although I got it to work, I can not use it for my purposes because of the video.

Thinking about it, Linksys is a communication equipment designer, builder and not in the video business. Too bad they could not have coupled there obviously full function web cam software with a decent quality cam.

The WVC54GC, to me, is simply a toy and not much more.


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