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"ARCTIC Accelero L2 Pro Video Graphics Array (VGA) Cooler - User Review"

14 September 2011


Summary: not as easy to install as it should be. Dropped VGA card video chip temperature 10 degrees centigrade (C).




Installed on Radeon 1650 Pro advanced graphics adapter (AGP) video card.

The Arctic Accelero L2 VGA cooler will fit a variety of boards but does require there be holes in the board for cooling mounting.

If you are researching VGA card coolers, make sure you get one that specifically states it will fit your specific make and model VGA card.



Installation of the Accelero L2 Pro VGA cooler is a bit tricky.

Installation requires 4 plastic standoff's be set on metal base of cooler and then the video graphics array (VGA) board be aligned over top the standoffs and screws inserted through board holes into the cooler base.

As nothing keeping standoff's in place, they tend to skew off holes unless you are careful.

Do not like that cooler came with thermal paste pre-applied to cooler base where it contacts VGA chip. Would have preferred small tube of paste and I apply.

Came with VGA card, onboard memory chips, heat sinks that seemed to stick to top of memory chips ok.

Came with VGA card voltage regulator heat sinks that seemed to stick to regulator chips ok.

Did not come with any sort of stick-on heat sink for PCI-to-AGP conversion chip on back of ATI 1650 Pro VGA AGP.


How effective:

Before Accelero L2 Pro VGA Cooler installed Radeon's Catalyst Control Center (CCC) reported a fairly stable, steady state, temperature of 54 degrees C.

After L2 Pro install, CCC reports 44 C.

The CCC does not provide temperature readings of either on-board memory or PCI-to-AGP conversion chip.


Better cooler:

Any copper-based cooler will work better than an aluminum one like the Accelero L2 Pro.

Have bought and used the Zalman VF1000 and excellent copper-based, massive, cooler.


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