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Black and Decker Cordless Weed Hog String Trimmer - Owner Review


26 August 2007




Summary: Good for cutting about 1 square foot of not-tall grass. Don't waste your money.






Perhaps because I have always used a gas powered string trimmer or perhaps because the weeds and grass I had to clear were too high but I found the Black and Decker Weed Hog String Trimmer (Black and Decker), totally unsatisfactory.


What was wrong?


1.     The trimmer has only one piece of string or line used for cutting. Most gasoline powered string trimmers have 2 lines sticking out of the end of the trimmer. When I went to use the trimmer on some 6 to 8 inch grass, the Black and Decker would cut it but I had to really work at it.


2.     I said above that on heavy grass, the Black and Decker would work, sort of, but then the fully charged battery died only after about 5 minutes of heavy work!


What was right? Although I suspected that all the above was true about the Black and Decker before I ever bought it, I really bought it for my oldest daughter figuring the cordless would be much better than an extension cord model or a gasoline powered 2 or 4 cycle with all the mess of gasoline, oil, etc. and to the Black and Decker’s credit, it is light even with the battery installed. And I think that perhaps now that the grass and weeds are cut down to the ground, the Black and Decker might be able to keep it that way, if my daughter does not wait too long before using it.


So, if you have some weeds to cut out of a garden or flower bed, perhaps the Black and Decker will work for you but if you have anything “real” to do, don’t waste your time and money on this model.



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