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"Yamaha MG 24/14FX Soundboard Template"

5 March 2007




If you work with a soundboard, you know how every band has to have their own, unique sound board settings and often you will have to set up the sound board for the same band over and over again.  So do you just go through the setup, tweak, process over and over again, or do you try to write down various settings so you don't have to start from scratch each time?

If you do soundboard work for the same bands over and over again, and have the Yamaha MG 24/14FX soundboard, I think you will find the following soundboard layout image in .PDF format helpful.

Open it in Acrobat Reader and print it out a bunch. Then use it to record settings for a specific band and keep in a log book such that the next time you set up for band X or band Y, at least you have a decent starting place based upon prior template definitions.


Yamaha MG 24/14FX Soundboard Template

Thanks to Jeff Stultz