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"AGRI-FAB 45-0369 Turf Shark 40" Curved Spike Aerator - Owner Review"

27 September 2011



Summary: not an easy assembly. When loaded with cinderblocks, can be a real bear for any tractor to pull around. BUT, does a good job slicing into even hard ground.

AGRI_FAB Turf Shark Aerator



After several large trees were removed from yard, significant yard work and needed aerator.

As I going to have to breakup some heavily compacted soiled, needed a spike rather than a plug aerator.

A spike aerator allows me to spin in a tight circle and aerator busts up soil.

The AGRI-FAB was at local Lowes home improvement store.



Not an easy assembly because of the number of parts.

Actually put together, almost, incorrectly, once.

If you not good with reading pictorial directions, do not recommend for you.

Assembly must have taken a good hour or more.


Has to be loaded with cinder blocks:

The instructions that come with the the aerator say that the ground should be soft from watering but even with watering, you probably going to need cinder blocks weights.

I bought 4, half, solid, blocks.

A half block sets in the "tray" of the aerator exactly and I bungee corded another block on top.


Tractor requirements:

When the spike aerator is loaded with cinderblocks, on hard, compacted, ground, the aerator jerks the hitch of the tractor significantly.

If all you have on your tractor is a sheet metal plate with a hole in it for hitch pins, this aerator will probably not work for you.

It is not so much the pull load of the aerator when it is loaded with weights but rather the jerking action as spikes try to penetrate hard ground.

On my tractor I had to reinforce my sheet metal hitch pin hole with a solid steel hanger that bolted to the sides of my tractor.



Of course it works, what not to work?

But, the lever that supposedly lets you raise and lower the aerator off the 2 wheels can not be operated while sitting on the tractor if the aerator is loaded with weight.

Even when off the tractor, the lever to raise and lower the spikes off the ground and be a chore if the aerator is loaded with weight.

As I said above, when loaded with weight, a very tight, high speed, turn will bust up compacted soil.

I have used it for 2 long summers now and there has been no need for repairs or replacement parts.