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"Amana RadarRange Model RBG358P - Suddenly Dead"

10 September 2014


   Amana RadarRange Model RBG358P    Amana RadarRange Model RBG358P

Summary: in my case, nothing more than blown fuse on the inside.



Amana RadarRange: model RBG358P.

Amana part number: P1118504M.

1500 Watt.

Manufactured in 1991.

Bought new and installed on shelf in kitchen.

Using it and suddenly dead.

Because not even control panel alive, most likely a power issue, yet outlet tested good.

At 23+ years old, certainly does not owe me anything but I always try to repair over replace.


Getting inside:

Unplug from wall outlet.

Move microwave to location where you can work on it.

Be careful moving as must weigh close to 40 pounds.

Tools you will need:

- a 1/4" nut driver or flat blade screw driver.

- a T15 H, secure Torx screw driver or bit for your electric drill. A secure Torx screw is a Torx screw with a small center pin. The image below shows a "secure Torx screw".

Secure Torx Screw

Use the flat blade screw driver or 1/4 inch nut driver to remove all sheet metal screws along back edge.

Using T15 H secure Torx driver to remove the Torx screws on each side, at front, bottom.

Now pull metal skin from the back off the chassis.

The image below RBG358P.

Amana RadarRange Model RBG358P

First thing to do is look for any signs of trauma.

Trauma? Burnt wires. Burnt connectors. Broken wires. Evidence of electrical arching. Smoke marks on an surface.

If you see nothing obviously wrong, leave the microwave for a couple hours and then look again.

If there are any signs of trauma, either take to a repair shop or junk it.

If you do not see any obvious trauma, time to check fuse.

Below shows location of fuse.

Remove fuse and test with continuity tester.

Fuse is 250 volt, 20 amperes, type ABC, ceramic.

Amana RadarRange Model RBG358P

Once fuse is replaced, check you hav

Wiring schematic:


Amana RadarRange Model RBG358P Wiring Schematic



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