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"D-link 5 Port Ethernet Switch Not Working"

14 February 2013


Summary: the power adapter is bad.



Have 2 D-link 5 port Ethernet Smart Switches.

Suddenly, although the "power" light emitting diode (LED) is lit, there is no Ethernet transfer through the switch.

No LED's lit on any of the 5 managed Ethernet ports.


Power adapter:

The power adapter for this switch provides 5 volts 1.2amperes (amps).

I have had 2 adapters go bad.

New adapter, switch works correctly.

New or used adapters can be found on Amazon or eBay websites.



Below is the inside of the D-Link AF0605-B 5volt 1.2 amperes power adapter/

Although not clear on this picture, the one green capacitor is bulging at the top, which means it is bad.

Probably a $.25 part but whole module is a throw away.

Probably a design issue or poor quality control on capacitors.


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