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Rolex - Owner Review


2 June 2007




 Summary: if you want a watch that keeps accurate time, do not buy a Rolex and isn't the whole point to a watch that it keeps "perfect time"?




Now Rolex makes a very fine mechanical, if not expensive, wrist watch and one does fell good wearing one and having one on one's wrist does say something to the world but Rolex is now dated technology.


Once upon a time, no pun intended, all wrist watches had to be wound every couple of days to keep them running and even then, they had to be constantly set and reset to have an accurate time piece. Then along came Rolex with the self winding mechanism and they were the king of the road in wrist watch technology. But, like all technology, advances happen fast and before long, crystal controlled, battery powered watches appeared that did not need winding and were very accurate in the more expensive models and so Rolex's self winding feature lost some of its technology shine. Now, the world is moving to radio controlled time pieces, where they actually receive a time beacon signal based upon an atomic clock and are always 100% or very close, accurate.


Mechanic Rolex? It is normal for a Rolex to lose up to several minutes a month! If you do not believe me, ask a salesman or Rolex directly.


Now I suspect that no one in a store contemplating buying a Rolex asks if it keeps "good time" but perhaps they should. With the world moving to synchronized time more and more via radio beacons or Internet time web sites, having a Rolex just might make you late for a very important date.


Oh, and yes, I have a Rolex.



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