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IOGear 4-in-1 PC Switch - User Review


30 November 2005





Inheriting back from my kids their old college computers, I wanted them to process SETI data and also serve as hard disk backup over my D-link local area network (LAN) but did not want to have 3 monitors, keyboards and mice. So I bought the IOGear 4-in-1 switch, which allows me to use one monitor, keyboard and mouse to control 4 different computers.


First of all, I have to tell you that the instruction manual for this device is incorrect as to how you switch from computer to computer. The instruction manual says strike the CTRL key, followed by the ALT key, followed by the SHIFT key and then press and hold the number of the computer you want to switch to, be it 1,2,3 or 4. Incorrect. You do not press and hold the computer number key but instead strike the key quickly. If you hold the number key, the switch will not move from the currently selected computer. How IOGEAR could have gotten this wrong in their manual is beyond me.


As to the switch itself, I have 2 issues with it:


-         It has built in cables, which is nice but I wish they were longer. I think the cables on my switch are 6 feet in length but would like 10.


-         The keyboard sequence used to switch between computers is temperamental. Sometimes I get the switch to change computers on my first try, but not typically. I do not know if I am striking the keys too quickly or too slowly. I have tried changing patterns of keystroke speed but no matter what I try, never seems to guarantee 100% on first attempt to switch computers.


I guess you get what you pay for and the IOGear switch was one of the cheaper on the market, so what should I expect? Maybe a correct instruction manual?


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