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ClassCo ML-300ad Caller ID Display - Owner Review


7 May 2008




 Summary: not recommended. Has a tendency to fail hanging the telephone line up so no calls came come in!





Have a Panasonic Multi-talk phone system with caller ID but display is so small, I decided to buy ClassCo ML-300ad caller ID displays to make it easy to read when a call comes in.


ClassCo ML-300ad Caller ID


I have 2 ClassCo ML-300ad caller ID displays and I would not recommend them because:


-  I have had to take apart both units several times to get the “Delete” button unstuck. The button mechanism internal is of a very poor design.


- One unit latches the phone line when its memory is full. What I mean by latch is the phone line appears busy to anyone trying to call in. I only found this out after someone reported to me that our phone line had been busy for 2 days and after I checked every phone in the house and the actual phone box connection from the phone company.


I am not sure who else makes caller ID displays but I would suggest you look at something other than ClassCo.




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