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"Baldwin Entry Door Lock (Springfield 6573) - How to Remove"

23 June 2013


Summary: how to remove is pretty obvious except for cap over one screw that must be hand screwed off and a set screw that must be loosened to remove key lock cylinder. Although this article about Springfield 6573, probably applicable to many Baldwin locks.





Baldwin Springfield 6573 installed on main house doors.

Doors need to be sanded, stained and sealed.

Baldwin hardware had to come off.


Tools needed:

1/8 Allen wrench to get large brass knob off.

A Phillips screwdriver.

A very small flat blade screw driver to loosen lock cylinder set screw.


How to remove Baldwin lock:



Cap over handle screw. This screws off.

Use Allen wrench to loosen 2 Allen screws holding large brass knob on and remove knob.

Use Phillips screw driver to remove brass plate.

Use Phillips screw driver to remove outside handle.


Remove small screws that holds face plate onto embedded lock mechanism.

Find small set screw that locks lock cylinder from turning and loosen screw counterclockwise.

Grasp lock cylinder and unscrew it from embedded lock mechanism. This is done by turning counterclockwise.

Remove locking knob shaft by using Phillips screw driver to remove screw holding shaft into embedded locking mechanism.

Remove 2 Phillips screws holding embedded lock mechanism into door edge and remove.



Remember to tighten the set screw on the key cylinder or anyone could simply unscrew the key lock cylinder.



Locked myself out of house and had to call a locksmith.

Took locksmith about 2 minutes to pick lock and get me inside.

$195 because of after normal business hours visit (in Washington, DC area).



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