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"Poulan PLN1510 Electric Pole Saw - Owner Review"

10 May 2011


Summary: not a real chainsaw. Not recommended.




Got a Poulan PLN1510 electric pole saw as gift from a casino.

Thought it might be handy to trim some limbs just out of reach of my regular chainsaw.

I have and use a 16inch bar, gasoline powered, chainsaw in the spring and fall.


My Experiences:

1. Pole does not extend very far and is spring loaded in the minimum position, so you have to fight the spring while you try to tight the collar around the lower half of the pole. Why spring loaded minimum is a mystery to me.

2. When extended to full length, saw end is very heavy and I am a 250 pound strong man.

3. Chain seemed dull from the get go or motor underpowered as unlike a real chainsaw, took a while to cut through even a small limb.

4. Found trigger on handle to be awkward as have to hold in button before depressing trigger. Not ergonomic.


Glad I did not buy this dud and not worth stringing out extension cord to use.

Think a bow saw on a pole would be better and easier to use.


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