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"How to - Reinforce Drain Pipe"

30 June 2013


Summary: drain pipe is cheap and easy to use but crushes easily. To reinforce, use another piece, split it and then fit it over the piece carrying water.



Use drain pipe buried underground to carry all water from downspouts away from house.

Depth of pipe bury varies from deep to relatively shallow.

Shallow buried pipe has crushed on me from time to time.

Last time I had to dig up and replace crushed pipe decided I needed to reinforce pipe somehow (not bury deeper).


How to reinforce drain pipe:

Take a piece of pipe as long as the piece you want to reinforce and make a single cut along the length.

The pipe I use has a green line running along the length of the pipe and this is what I used as a mark.

Once "cover" pipe has been slit, starting at one end of the pipe to be covered, fit the slit pipe down over the "buried" pipe and push down.

Once the covering pipe goes down over the pipe to be reinforced, move along the cover pipe, pushing the covering pipe down over the "buried" pipe.

This double wall combination is significantly stronger than only a single pipe.



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