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"PC - BYO & DIY Improved Cooling Tips"

20 March 2009


Summary: personal computer (PC) cooling is often overlooked by PC manufacturers and users but if care is not taken to keep PC internal components cool, device failure is inevitable.



This "Shared Knowledge" does not deal with liquid cooling of a personal computer (PC).

I have 4 mid-tower and 1 full tower PC's running 24/7. Each has a dual core 3GHZ processor, 2GB's of random access memory (ram) and 2 SATA drives. 2 of the 4 have fast advanced graphics processor (AGP) video boards.

Below is what I have learned about cooling the interior of a PC:


"PC - General Improved Cooling Tips"

"PC - Sources of Heat and How to Monitor"

"PC - Fans"

"PC - BYO Cooling Tips"



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