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"VFP5.0a - Built Application Setup Can Not Open a File"

31 January 2011





Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP), version 5.0a with MSDN service pack 3 installed. No other patches available for VFP 5.0A deemed necessary and not installed.

Old application.exe needed minimal update.

Modification done to source .prg and forms and new build done of project, application and then .exe.

Used VFP setup wizard to make netsetup version for distribution. Included VFP500 and Graph.exe.

Setup wizard created netsetup version successfully or at least did not indicate error.

When setup.exe run from netsetup, application setup starts but then halts on "can not open file XXXX."

Application.exe runs fine on development personal computer (PC).



Somehow, class definition files .VCX and .VCT where removed from application development folder used to build project, application and .exe. When class definitions were returned to folder and new build done of exe and then new netsetup, netsetup setup properly installed application on remote PC.