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Chuckless Drills - Owner Review


19 September 2005







Never paid much attention at the time, but when I bought my 18-volt cordless drill (will not mention brand), it did not come with the usual tool (chuck?) to tighten the jaws of the drill around a drill bit, instead it has a large plastic ring you simply tighten with your hand. OK.


Big mistake on my part for having bought this drill as I have yet to use it and not have the drill bit slip loose and I have to stop and tighten the jaws again with my hand. Maybe if you are Superman or something, you will be able to tighten the drill bit jaws tight enough the first time to get through an entire project but I would be surprised.


So, next time I buy a drill, going to have a chuck tool.


Watch out because here comes some free advice. Never buy a chuckless drill.




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