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"He Idles, Waiting for User Logon"

"Retirement (Part 1)"

"Retirement (Part 2)"

"Rabbit Hole Tether"

"The 3 Little Pigs"

"The Casino (Part 1)"

"The Casino (Part2)"

"The Clothesline" **

"The Good Night"

"The Horse" 

"The Nail"

"The News"

"The Record"

"The Test (Part 1)"

"The Treatment"

"The Trial of Herman Schmitt (Part 1)"

"The Trial of Herman Schmitt (Part 2)"

"The Trial of Herman Schmitt (Part 3)"   

"The Trial of Herman Schmitt (Part 4)"

"The Voices"

"This Way or That?"  **


Heart and Soul:

"Rodeo" by Candy Louise Stultz

"I am an Empath"

"Evil Thoughts"


"My Current Revision Number?"

"Machine is Breaking"

"I Killed an Ant Today"

"A Good Day to Die" 

"A Perfect Cube" 


"Anna's Touch"

"Awakenings"  **

"Belief System"

"Cortez Never Slept Here, I'll Bet" 

"Email From My Oldest Daughter (1)" 

"Email From My Oldest Daughter (2)"

"Email From My Oldest Daughter (3)"

"Email From My Oldest Daughter (4)"

"Emotional: Scabs, Healing and Scars"

"Emotions: A Periodic Table"

"Full Moon Ferris Wheel"

"Heroes and Those I Admire"

"I Still Look for Her in Crowds"

"Just a Damn Fine Day to Be Alive"

"Keep Myself Busy"

"John Wayne at 30 Paces" **

"Never Enough" 

"No Emotions Going? I Don't Think So."


"Sediment and Muck" 

"She Comes to Me in Dreams"

"She is Motion. I Gravity."

"Stone Cold" 

"The Almost Breakup"

"The Caveman"

"The Crow"  **

"The Engines of What If"

"Things I Feel Bad About and Secrets" 



"Where Did It Go?"



"You Are a Mystery to Me"




"The Troxell Brother Doctors of Winchester Virginia"

"Always Music by Candy Stultz"

"Vacation Bible School - Early 1950's Winchester Va"

"The Ponderosa Night Club - WVA - 1960's"


"The Rock in the Basement"

"The Phone Call From the Future"

"The Cuckoo Clock"

"South Korea - (1971- 1972)"

"The Root Cellar"

"The Deerskin Jacket"

"Spotlight Poaching"


"The Barn"

"One Lousy Bolt. Auto Mechanics Gone Bad.

"Carnival Hootchy-Kootchy Girls"

" 'Park Bench.' The Pacific Crest Trail Thru-hiker."

"50 Miles on the Appalachian Trail"

"916 Woodland Avenue"


"Dinner out with the Kids"


"Grandmother Eulogy"

"Heathkit DX-20"

"HL9 'T'exas 'R'anger"

"Hopewell, Virginia"



"Misty Night Worm Hunt"

"My Brain on Drugs"

"Paper Tape: A Programmer's Nightmare"

"Personal Land Speed Record"

"Program Code - System2"

"Rain, Rain, Go Away"




"Such a Long Time Gone..."

"The Alien" 

"The Bolt Box"  **

"The Change Jar at Christmas"

"The Concert. Like So Many Times Before" 

"The Day I Blew Out a 24inch Water Main"

"The Day the F.B. of I. Came to Visit" 

"The Drive-in Theater"

"The Hunt" **

"The Kite"

"The Memory That Never Was." **

"The Old VW Bus"

"The Scope"

"The Street Swindle"

"The Tap Out"

"The Tea House"

"The Treasure Hunt"

"The Waif" 

"Things My Dad Taught Me"  

"Time Monuments"

"Trapped in a Coal Mine" 

"VMI - All Things Related"

"Walt by the River"


Observations and Thoughts:


"My soul, the soul, soul"


"Men - Things Your Father Should Have Told You"

"Needs, Wants and Whims"

"There is no Prince Charming Coming, Sleeping Beauty"

"Just a Small Variable in the Larger Chaos Parameter"

"How Many Dreams?"

"Massachusetts General Hospital - Who Are You?"

"My Personal Rants"

"Web Pages Ought to Have an Expiration Date Tag"

"Aging - Up Front and Personal"

"Ashes to Ashes"

"A Recipe for Depression"    

"CNTRL, ALT, DEL Your Head"

"Dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright" 

"Digital and Analog Sea Waves"


"Email to J. August 2003"

"Everything Needs Maintenance"


"Future Perfect"

"Gears Inside of Gears" 


"Hate and Particle Board"

"Holding on Too Long"

"Houses Ought to Have An Owner Manual"

"I Gott'a Stop Eating Cheese"

"I Have This Neighbor......"


"Lost in the Mixture's Black Hole"


"Monogamy: An Observation"



"Ode to a Cardinal"

"On the Net"

"Organization and Chaos"



"Platitudes" in PDF format for searching    


"Sex Bits in the Data Stream?"    


"So How Come I Was Born White In the US to Middle Class Parents?"    

"So Where Are We?"


"The Candle Flame"

"The Great Invisible"

"The Persona of Hugs"

"The Clock on My Arm"

"The Moth"

"The Submarine in My Basement"

"The Ying and Yang of Personal Time"  

"Thoughts on Memory"


"Turning Points"

"Whimper or Bang?"  

"Why Do I Have to Count 'Stuff'?"

"Why Don't All Church Goers Sing?"  

"With Apologies to Andy Rooney"

"You Will Never See It Coming"  **



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