Sex Bits in the Data Stream?


4 February 2006




Think it was Freud who said, “Everything is sexual.”


Question for the day has to do with conversations between men and women and if there are sexual “bits” in the data stream?”


Analogy. A conversation between 2 people consists of data and\or perhaps even information being exchanged, much like between a computer and a server on the Internet or some peripheral device like a printer or hard disk. There is “stuff,” “bits” moving back and forth between the connected parties. In the computer world, there are all sorts of communication protocols or establish message headers, which are understood by other computers or devices. The number of protocol bits of a computer message, or exchange, can be as long or longer than the actual data bits being exchanged. But the point is, male and female conversations can be likened to 2 computers talking to each other via protocols and my question is whether there is always sex bits embedded in the protocol?


For me I think, I feel, that there are sex bits in my conversations with woman, all women except those under or over a certain age and with some woman for some reason I am not clear about.


Question: am I wrong that there are sex bits in the data stream between all men and women or is it just me and some obsession I have with sex? Question: Am I feeling “sex” bits in the data stream because I am sending and receiving them?


Under and over a certain age. Over a certain age first. Certainly there is some sexual attraction thing at work here if there are sex bits in the data stream and women significantly older than me are not sexually attractive to me and thus I do not transmit any sex bits in the data stream. I wonder if an older woman feels the absence of sex bits and misses them?


Under a certain age? I am not a pedophile and do not have any sort of sexual arousal with young children. Teenage girls dressed provocatively? Yes, but no need to worry here as no data stream gets established with them, as I do not exist in their reality.


For me to feel sex bits are they required to be sent from both parties or can I be feeling sex bits, sending them from my own fantasies? I think I can and do.


Why not feeling of sex bits with some women that are neither too young nor too old? I know that with some woman I sense that they are in a place in their head where they do not need the hassle, headache, heartache of the stresses or strains of the sexual world and I do not transmit them. I am not a rapist in any way and do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. In other cases, I feel absolutely nothing and figure, like the teenage girls; I do not exist in the sexual reality of the woman I am talking to.


It is interesting to me that I think the number of sex bits in my transmitted data stream has diminished as I have aged. A function of my biological for sure and I do not bemoan this happening, just a curiosity.


Sex is weird. Not the pleasures, spirituality, of course, but the dance, flirting and the rituals leading up to sexual relations.


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