The News


Date Unknown


  There are places in space so far from a star

 or galaxy that it is almost totally dark.







It wasn't until she spoke again that the spell that had fallen on them was broken.They had sit together for a long while after the news without a single word but now she felt she had to draw out his thoughts, feelings.


"I don't see how you can be so nonchalant about it.I mean it is a burden on you too you know." He listened but did not speak. She went on, "I don't take it lightly, but what are we to do? Another child really won't affect us that much, will it? We always wanted a communal life." He managed a half smile, for her, but she did not notice.


A waiter came to take their orders but neither one wanted to deal with him. Finally, John ordered for both of them and immediately they went back to their own, private thoughts.


John looked out the window and watched those walking the street in front of the little restaurant. Most moved with a directed pace as if they all seemed to know exactly where they were going but now and then, there would be a person just sort of walking as if searching for something.


Donna could not think anymore for now her left breast ached and with every move she made, her blouse sent shivers down her spine. Another child.Yes, she could deal with it but why another?Couldn't God had stopped at 3?Already her life was one constant sequence of trips and outings all revolving around the kids and now, a baby, in the house!Won't it ever stop moving so fast? Maybe a son this time, she thought.It would make it worthwhile if it were a son.


John could only think of those places in space, so far from a star, that it is almost totally dark.