"My Current Revision Number?"

18 August 2009

Updated: 24 March 2010



Suspect most people know that software usually carries a revision or version number. When software is initially released, it typically carries a version number of 1.0 and if a minor change is then done, the next version might be something like 1.1. A major change or a new release incorporating many small changes can carry a version number like 2 or 3 or in the case of Adobe Reader, it is currently version 9 something or another (as of this date anyway.)

Another one of those "brain farts" as a friend likes to call them. What revision is my personality, my being, my conscientious up to? So thought I would give it a try, identifying what must have been minor and major revisions and here is what I think reflects the current "me".

Note: when I started this, simply thought I could do a chronological list and assign revisions or versions to each minor or major adjustment to my being, but upon "playing" with the list, I have found it difficult to assign weight to each revision and like software, seem to need to identify the changes made at each revision.

This is harder than I thought it was going to be!


Birth - version 1.0

Smiling - version 1.5

    - Indicates recognition of others? Beyond self?

Physical Development

    - Turning over

    - Crawling

    - Walking - Now version 2.0

Talking - version 3.0

Brother - version 4.0

    - Could have been very significant if there was not 4 years in age between us

    - Significant because long term impact.

    - Sharing parents: attention, resources.

    - Responsible for brother.

Eye glasses (1st grade) - version 5.0

    - Finally not handicapped around others.

    - Lasting impact: called 4 eyes; not being able to be pitcher in little league, etc. etc.

Learning how to read - version 6.0

    - Significant revision because of lasting impact.

    - Expansion of world beyond neighborhood or knowledge base of parents.

Learning to play games in groups - version 7.0 (start of self definition?)

"Jesus died for my sins"  - Version 8.0

    - Really hard to assess full impact, revision of self.

    - Introduction to the concept of "sin"

    - Really wanted to be like Jesus. Seemed to be more of a national hero than Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth.

    - Foundation of morals, ethics?

Being falsely accused to lying to my grandfather and being punished under protest - version 8

    - Very significant as to this day, worse thing anyone can do to me is falsely accuse me of something.

Getting caught in major lie in 3rd grade - version 8.5

    - More morals development?

Being taken to basement and "whipped" by my father for some misdeed - version 9

    - Significant as resulted in long term avoidance of confrontation due fear of physical harm.

Getting highest score in nation on national reading comprehension test - version 10.0

    -  Start of ego?

First fist fight - version (got to be a man when challenged) 10.1

Becoming sexual aware - worth several revisions (liked this one) 12.0

Transferring from one high school to rival high school - version  12.7

    - Emotional withdrawal

Learning I could excel in academics - version 13.2

    - More ego, more confidence, coming out of shell

Music - listening and playing - worth several revisions - 15.0

    - Almost from day 1, brain neurons firing to the beat in sych

College years - easily can say several major revisions during this period - version 18.0

    - Not the classes. The room mates, the expansion of mind beyond small world of parents

College years - finding mentor in Dr. Dean Foster - version 21

    - No real way to assess impact of this man. His words engrained in me.

First steady girlfriend (love, sex, emotions) - worth 2 revisions at least - 23

Second steady girlfriend - version 24

College graduation - first in family on either side to do so - 25

    - Now ego getting to be a problem.

First professional job - version 25.5

First apartment and living on my own -  version 26.

     - Actually so minor for some reason.

Married - How many version could one possibly assign to this??? - Version 34

Father for the first time - 35.5

    - How do you spell RESPONSIBILITY?

Stationed by the Army in Korea - living in another culture - 37

    - If I had my way, would make every single person in USA live in another country for at least 1 year.

Illegal drugs - worth several revisions - 40

    - I did not seek illegal drugs, they sought me out. No idea how to assess impact of LSD but significant.

Becoming friends with Murray and his introduction of the music of the Grateful Dead to me -  41

    - Beyond my own family, being at "shows" always felt like "home."

Crash of my head in 1973 - version 44

Acquisition of VW Bus - Started on the Road to self education - 45

Back on the grid 1973 after head crash - 47

    - Nose to grind stone and all that.

Birth of only son - 48

Death of father 50

    - Stupid God complex of my engineering soul could not save him from his cancer.

Becoming consultant - version 50.5

    - Confidence.

Retirement - 51

    - Not a major deal like many say it is.

First daughter to wed - version 52

    - Acknowledgement of aging, old.

Great depression of 2001 - worth many revisions - 55

    - Nose-to-grind-stone right into the ground.

Birth of 1st grandchild - 56

   - More aging creeping up on me

Going off the reservation, on purpose - version 58

    - Sometimes "must" even if it wrong.

    - We all build boxes to house ourselves inside.

    - Living inside "the box" is safe and we are comfortable with it, but sooner or later, stagnation of mind sets in and only way to make

      our box bigger on the inside is to run up over top the rut we run live in.


 What? I know, rather crappy way to try to model the changes that have occurred in one's head but as I often say, "At least I tried."

RED version numbers have no special significance other than to provide visual aids as to progression.

And, after playing with my list several times, I find it interesting that my current revision number is not that far under my current chronological age. I DID NOT PLAN IT THAT WAY. Interesting.