"My Soul, The Soul, Soul"

25 February 2012



If I "look" around using all my knowledge, I do not see much of anything that could qualify as having the definition or quality of permanence or going to exist forever and ever, other than perhaps, the universe and hunks of matter in it but even the universe is questionable. Yet, I am told that "my soul" has some sort of permanence to it and when I die, my soul will go to reside, if reside is the correct word, in heaven or hell or something or "somewhere".

As I said, looking around, I do not see a lot of evidence to support the permanence of "my soul" or "the soul", BUT.....


I do understand that I am using a mind and "eyes" that only have the tiniest bit of human knowledge.

That although there is much the species of man will eventually learn, I think, perhaps, there are things, concepts, ?, for which, the human mind will never be able to understand.

SO, given my current state of limited knowledge and that perhaps there are "things" that will never be in the purview of mankind, that leaves a lot or room for the permanence of my soul.

Copout? Perhaps. Since we can not prove or know, plenty of room for heaven and hell and all sorts of other soul destinations.

But I wonder if it is so bad if no soul exists? We are born into this reality, enjoy or suffer through it, die and that is it??? Is that so very terrible?  Being alive, aware, in the Milky Way, is such an incredible miracle. Why should be expect more?

From what mankind knows as of this date, the universe is 13+change billion years old, so it has taken 13billion earth years for evolution to get you and I here and each of us are absolutely unique.

Rejoice in you living, soul or no soul.


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