"Email From My Oldest Daughter (4)"








Gets into the sold out show

Rarely pays for dinner

Gets drunk on the best spirits for nothing but a tip

Gets the merchandise not on the shelf

Never gets complains when theyíre to loud

Gets to cut in line

Gets to hangout after closing

Gets cheaper prices

Gets to park in the no parking

Gets to do lot things a lot easier then civilian


Gets a stigma

Gets an established personality now 15 years dated

Gets derivatives of the past

Gets existence without renovation

Gets inappropriate merit

Gets surrounded by expired input

Gets no inquiry

Gets arbitration a decade old




Notability has come to me with ease due to my longevity in this town.

My many jobs, in the Richmond restaurant scene.

My eccentric personality and comically cosmopolitan label ofďcandyĒ hard too forget.

Iím lucky.



Iím cursed from my past.

Nobody knows me anymore.

Iím a infinite enigma of urban legend.

A synonymous hybrid notion.

No validation for anything but my antiquary.

People donít change.

I agree but we grow and we change our mind.

So cursed I take the perks from my patrons.

Sometimes I unconscionably play my loony role.

Sometimes I try to force-feed them a new resume.

Most of the time I just surrender.

Ecclesiastically some people think they know who I am.

Undevout to that I keep living.

Constantly living in self-prudent, uncertainty and Question.

I am always failing and always surprising myself.

Iím not 22years old any more.

Iím not arrogant enough to say Iím 36years old either.

Keep living, experiencing and slowly experiencing awakenings.

I can grow; Iím not just stagnate or recessing all the time

I have no idea who I am.

Iíve already been so many people, so many experiences in this life.

Mistake after mistake I still survive.

Iíve learned so much, Iíve forgotten so much, so much I still havenít noticed.

And Iíve earned a reputation I canít flux.

Iím a living assimilated myth.

Iím reputation