Always Music


By Candy Stultz


1 January 2013




When I was a kid I can remember going to the county fair with your folks. There was some country band playing and your pop sat tapping his foot while your mom and danced foolishly and freely. It was warm in the sun and the sky was blue. There were old folks clapping and people smiling. Sometimes a beautiful day, a cover band that may not be the best musicians can create a good time vibe. Outdoor, live music seems to have more than just sound it had a feeling.

I grew up camping. The sun went down and the guitars played. The fire crackled, crickets chirped and the strings of doodling tunes played. Id spin and spin until I stumbled and giggled with freedom.

When the weather got warm I grew up with our windows open to fill the house with fresh air. Saturdays you played music. You played music loud and it filled the yard outside the house. After we all got our 7-11 treats we had to do Saturday chores. You did yours under a car or on a roof and we did ours edging the lawn or sweeping the deck. Music played as we all did our tribe duties. 

When the weather got cold we still had Saturday house maintaining to contribute. You were under a car or using a screw driver in the house some place while we folded clothes or dusted a shelf. The music filled the air and we would sock skate on the hard wood floors between chores or choreographed routines that we later would force you to watch. 

Hey dad are you ready to see our show?

I grew up dancing to music. Music you shared with me in life. Thanks