"The Troxell Brother Doctors of Winchester Virginia"

17 December 2017


From the early 1950's until 1969+, my pediatrician\General Practitioner (GP) was Doctor (DR) James (Jim) Troxell. Dr Jim shared the practice with his brother Dr George Troxell.

Thought of him and his brother George the other day but Internet search revealed little to nothing about this 2 remarkable brothers.

Dr. Jim, can still see his face, was a tall, thin man with a full head of hair, never wore glasses but always a white long sleeve shirt, tie and stethoscope.

Went to Dr Jim for everything from vaccinations to pneumonia and although a child for most of my visits, always treated me like a real person and talked with me and questioned and explained.

Don't know if it was a regular event for him or not but he actually came to our house when my brother had an extreme temperature. And yes, he had a black, leather, medical bag.

Sorry to say, I know little else about the Troxell brothers other than I heard sometime in the 1970's Dr Jim died from breast cancer and Dr George still lives in Winchester at age 92.

If you find this and know more about the Troxell brothers please email me and I will add.


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