"There is no Prince Charming Coming, Sleeping Beauty"

5 April 2010




"Sleeping Beauty" is a fairy tale told to children. Even boys know about this story.

In this story, a beautiful young woman is put to sleep by eating a poison apple. Asleep, she is kept in a sort of shrine by 7 dwarfs. The story goes that sleeping beauty can be awakened from her poisoned sleep only by the kiss of prince. And don't you know, one day, along comes a prince charming and seeing the sleeping woman, kisses her and they live happily ever after.

Well, this is a terrible tale. From it, one can surmise that all one has to do is wait and a prince charming will come by and make everything all right. WRONG.

Do not wait for a prince charming, as he will never come. Go out and make it happen for you. Only you can make it happen for you.

Just being in a place full of prince charmings or opportunities does not mean that opportunities are going to come and find you.

Sorry, but the truth is the truth.