"The Phone Call From the Future"

1 March 2011



Doubt anyone will ever stumble, trip, across these words or if they are read, the reader will only caulk then up as just another delusion, flashback, of an old hippie who took too many psychedelic drugs, but I know what I know.

It was January 1, 2000. Yep, new year's day of the new millennium or what was often referred back then as the dreaded YK2.

Up early that morning for some reason and already in my home office when telephone rang. Did not want ringing phone to awake others in the house that morning so picked up the telephone receiver. Did not know who to expect on the other end but did not expect the following:



"Hey man, Happy New Year, 3000!"


"I said, Happy New Year, 3000!"

"No, wait", the other end of the telephone line says, beginning to laugh, "it is only 2000 for you."


And it is at this point that I realize, recognize, the voice on the other end of the phone is my voice!

And then the line is dead and the me, in the future, is gone.




When the line dropped and I put the telephone receiver down, was in a sort of daze. Had what just happened, happened?

Perhaps a joke played on me by some friend? But the voice!


And then a very strange feeling came over me. Me or a variation of me and even better, mankind, will see the year 3000 and that made me very happy.


So do not be surprised if one day, you get a landline or cell phone call, email, text message, chat, ?, ? communiqué from the future and do not be afraid to admit it and share it.

We will, do, survive.


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