Gears Inside of Gear, Inside of Gears, Inside of Gears………


27 June 2002




Cause and effect, cause and effect, cause and effect.  Gears inside of gears inside of gears, inside of gears.......


I look out upon this world, this reality, this fixation of particles, stuff and want to see gears inside of gears, inside of gears, cause and effect.  Seems to me that all the science I have been taught and I have learned on my own was for the sole purpose of “seeing” how all the gears work together but now and again, when I look at a tree or grasses or the sky, I get the sense that gears have nothing to do with it.  Here, now, this, is not the results of gears inside of gears but rather…….a solid, a one.




I used to think that perhaps when I got to heaven and met up with God, that he would let me see all the gears so that I would finally understand where I had been all those years and how it all worked. Like God would reveal the workings; the gears or wheels to me. What a joke!  As if I could really comprehend or see it all working as a set of gears and truly understand. And what if I did understand, what effect would it have on me? Would I be enlightened? Would I then be at peace?


Einstein saw, all that I see, in a different way. He could look down into things and see a set of gears never seen before and what's better, he could describe them in a way that a dumb engineer like me could use in some way, mostly in a negative way, like atomic bombs, but none the less, he had an insight into gears, few had but even he sensed that gears were not the correct view, the truth.

A dream.  Once told a therapist that I did not know where the physics stops and the dream begins. And I don’t. Is "this" all a dream I am having?


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