"Massachusetts General Hospital - Who Are You?"

26 January 2010



Have a way of seeing the IP addresses of those that visit my website and sometimes, even what is viewed.

Massachusetts General Hospital probably visits more than any other IP address but whoever is there that comes to the site must be coming directly in via my home page and thus I can not see what is viewed by ????.

Who are you, Massachusetts General Hospital? A mystery. Are you reading some of my "Words?" Are you listening to my Grateful Dead sets? What? And Who are you? Male, female, a doctor, a nurse, accounting, who? Middle of the night when all is quiet and you have time to explore the Internet? And how did you find my website?

Can not explain exactly why I am so curious, just am.

Wonder if you write Massachusetts General Hospital? Have we ever met?

So, guess what this write is all about is to try to get you, whoever you are to send me an email and just say "hi."