ďKeep Myself BusyĒ


26 January 2008





Keep myself busy

but doesnít help much.

You always here

inside me.

My mind

My heart.


I saw you.

The you, buried so deep

by so much.

Saw you.

Felt you.

Touched you.

Can not forget.

Donít want to forget.




But canít show you.



You canít feel the way I do.

You been too long another way.

I understand.

But understanding does not help.


What was I doing?

Why did you go, come, along?


I reach out.

Touch your face.

See you smile.

Why do I torture myself?


You say you do not want to hurt me

and then

you do


and again.


Wish I could be


with you.

Just a friend

but I canít.


Must forget

your name,

your smile.

The you I saw


Must keep myself busy.