1 February 2004





Somewhere, deep within, a valve opens and there is flow and with it comes, a vibration, a sound.


The vibration continues an eternity before, somewhere, deep inside him, he senses it and more significantly, senses his separation from it.  He is.


Only a very small sense of self at first, the spot and it is no more than a very small spot, deep inside his mind, begins to grow ever so slowly and then he begins to actually hear the vibration. Like sunlight breaking over the horizon of a brand new day, awareness of his being begins to expand his mind, awareness.  He begins to feel a body.  First a head and then his upper trunk and arms and he is disoriented.


Where has he been? Why is he separate from it now?  Separate from what? 


His eyes begin to move in their sockets but he does not open his eyes. He does not know he has eyes. Then his body becomes fully his and he can feel himself moving, up and down, with a rhythmic motion: breathing.


Inside his mind, he has begun a search, looking about for something, something, which might tell him as to where he might be and where he has been.


Then his mouth opens and with it his eyes and he begins to see a place he thinks he remembers but it has been so very long ago.


Separate. Where has he been? Where did he come from? Where is he now?





Somewhere, time and gravity have worked for millions and millions of years to collect and now critical mass has been reached and in a less than a second the crush begins the chain reaction of heat and light. 


Somewhere, a mother’s movement is recognized for the first time by a fetus and the fetus knows with a shock, that he is no longer part of, but separate. Disoriented, he searches about his mind. Where has he been? Why is he separate now?

What is this place?


Somewhere, the knowledge collected by a mind has reached a critical mass, of which, there will be many such times and although not an instant implosion, it seems to awaken for the first time and with eyes that have never really seen, gaze upon a place which is separate but not.


Somewhere, two random waves, in phase with each other, on the face of a great sea, collide and a new wave, larger, more powerful, is created. Perhaps it will collide with other waves and be diminished. Or perhaps it will collide with other waves and become a tidal force, which moves all in its path.


Somewhere, a universe, long sense devoid of energy, life and awareness, rubs, ever so slightly, another universe and the resulting static shock, sends out a burst of energy, which begins, begets, another new universe with all its potentials.


Somewhere at some time, the universe reaches a critical mass of complexity and a vibration is set up, which awakens, creates, God. He is.  



He struggles with the light as his eyes blink and burn.


Slowly, ever so slowly, it all comes back to him, his being here. His being nowhere for so very long and he wishes to be back there, a part of, not separate.


It has been a long journey but now he has arrived.


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