10 May 2005



Pioneering: a person who is one of the first people to do something.




I say it to most folks I meet but now I need to write it down.


“We, each of us, is always pioneering life ever minute of every day as we have never been at this time and space before.”


Simple isn’t it?  Yet think about it. 


We have never been at this space and time before and thus in the next moments, hours, days, weeks must pioneer our way through life.


Space.  Honestly, I am not sure where we really are but I am told we reside on small planet moving around a pretty typical star which is in one of the spiral arms of a pretty typical spiral galaxy in a universe of billions and billions of galaxies and although you may decide to sit in the same spot on this earth for days or even weeks without moving, you are in fact moving constantly into new space.


According to the big brains, the universe started from what once was called “the big bang” but which is now called, “the big expansion”.  According to the brains, all of the universe was once all compacted into this core the size of a grapefruit and then it suddenly began to expand and everywhere expanded at once and continues to do so even to this day.  Since I have only been alive 59 years and the whole human race maybe 400,000 years, we have experienced hardly nothing of space and thus do not know if all of space is uniform or has the same properties everywhere.  Why should we assume that as our planet moves about our sun\star as it moves around the center of our galaxy, which is moving as part of the big expansion that the new space that is created or “we move into” has the same properties as the space we just came from? 


Certainly “space” in the simplest terms means new situations and the concept of pioneering our way through a new situation is obvious.


Time.  Pioneering because we have never been here at this space and time before.  Time.  I am now older, this moment, than I have ever been before and also you.  Time seems to have one direction but the most important property of time is that time = change. 


So, the whole point to my pioneering writing is that because time and space are always changing, why should we think we should have all the answers to various situations, which come up all the time? 


For example.  How should one feel when a loved one dies?  Since at the death, we the survivors, will never have been at the age we are now before and in the situations or space we are now before either, how should we know how to feel or act?


The point being that we should accept that we have to figure everything out as we go along as rules of the past more than likely will not work effectively in the new space and time we find ourselves in.


Another example is the birth of the first grandchild.  With no experience to guide as to reaction and what actions to take or not take, we find ourselves in a new space and time and have to feel our way along.  Nothing wrong with feeling your way along and that is what I am trying rather unsuccessfully to convey.  It is always new, every second of every minute of every hour and we should be open and knowing to the fact that we are always pioneering.