Personal Land Speed Record


11 November 2006

Updated: 21 December 2006






Today, 11 November 2006, I set my personal land speed record at 125 miles per hour. Driving a BMW, 2000, X5 sport acitivity vehcile (SAV) with a 4.4 liter engine. 125 was reached on stretch of Route 66 West between Fairfax and Front Royal, Virginia.



Interesting and also disgusting to note that although it did not take me very long to climb to 125, at the speed, the X5 seemed to just stop and would not accelerate beyond. Never looked at tachometer as paying attention to road, traffic I was passing and looking out for state policemen. Suspect I was nowhere near the RPM limit of the engine. Uncle says that at that speed, engine valves were floating or never really closing and thus no additional horsepower available to accelerate more than 125.


Speedometer has top speed of 155 mph but probably designed for range of 0 to 155 in that the middle of that range or 70 80 mph is where the speedometer will be most accurate and where BMW expects the SAV to run at on the road.


Anyway, been over 100 mph before, and even 110 but never 125. Not scary or anything but when I slowed down as I could see traffic up a head in the lane I was using, 60 mph did seem like a crawl.


Since X5 held steady at 125, would like to try to break my own land speed record sometime soon. Wish I had a police and traffic free place to make another attempt. Can see why the Utah salt flats are used as a track for land speed record attempts.


Wonder if every one remembers their own land speed record?



Update 20 December 2006


Broke old personal land speed record, 20 December 2006, reaching 135 miles per hour in same BMW X5 vehicle used in first land speed record attempt. Again, record was set on Route 66, West bound beyond the Manassas, Virginia exits. At 135MPH, the X5 seemed to have "some" left and probably could have hit 140 or more but at 135, thought I was pressing my luck with the police and better settle for 135. Must say that X5 handles well at 135 but one of the few times I had both hands on the steering wheel.


Wonder if I will try to break 135?